Screwpine basket

hiltree screw pine basket has versatile use, the basket can be used as a dustbin, Laundry box,  pot cover, etc. It is environment friendly, plastic-free, natural disposable, chemical Free and biodegradable. We partner with the local artisans and craftsmen across India to uplift traditional art and give them a fair opportunity.

  • Product Dimensions      WxH ‏ : ‎  10 x 12 inch
  • Material                                       :   Screwpine
  •  Colour                                         :   Check main photo
  • Marketed                                     : ‎ hiltree
  • Item model number                ‏  : ‎ ht/Ep/323
  • Country of Origin ‏                     : ‎ India
  • Capacity                                       :  standard
  • Gneric Name                              : hiltree screwpine basket
  • Style                                             : Traditional
  • Assembly Required                  :  No
  • Included Items                          : Care instruction,Screwpine basket
  • Available                                     : Amazon/hiltree website/
  • Hand made                                : Yes
  • Dish wash safe                          :  No
  • Bio degradable                         :   Yes
  • Water-resistant                        :    No

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Know about screw pine:

  • Screw pine is a word that is commonly known as Pandanus (Thaza in Malayalam) largely available in Kerala..
  • It grows side by rivers, ponds, and streams.
  • The leaf arrangement of the plant is like the threading of a screw, hence the name screw pine.
  • Craftsmen get these raw materials from the local areas, without disturbing the ecosystem
  • Only matured leaves are used for the craft, without disturbing the mother plant completely.
  • They are identified by sword-shaped leaves, prickly margins, and aerial roots.

Why hiltree screw pine basket

  • It is modern, stylish, trendy, and unique, suits any shades of the interior.
  • hiltree dust bin can be used for under desk waste bin for dry stationer waste, papers, etc.
  • The specially selected color tone suits any interior shades, best for every kind of home, office or gallery.
  • It is made of screw pine material and can be referred to as a green product.
  • The product is unique, specially designed, and It is handcrafted with immense love and efforts by talented artisans.
  • hiltree, we interact with the local crafter’s communities, to source only the best screw pine products while reviving the traditional art and craft.
  • We are committed to sustainability goals.
  • We promote craftsmen and artisans. so as to serve hundreds of families with a sustainable income.
  • Screw pine craft is a traditional cottage industry in Kerala. It was started as an empowerment tool for women in the region
  • Screw pine is a craft, that not only promotes green practices but also provides eco-friendly employment

    Making Process of hiltree screwpine basket

  • Locate leaves according to the required size and quantity.
  • Screw-pine is cut with the help of cutters,  thorns are spliced apart. the leaves are then rolled outwards to prevent them from curling.
  • The leaves are dried well to straighten.
  • The fleshy green plant is peeled into thin strips are dried in the sun.
  • It is sliced to the required widths.
  • Put into boiling water and add the respective colour.
  • Dried leaves are then sent to the weavers.
  • Will continue with the weaving process.
  • With the appropriate weaving of screw pine, incredible products can be obtained.

    Care Instructions

  • Never drop any wet items in the waste bin
  • While using as indoor plant cover, provide isolation to avoid water contact.
  • Keep in a dry ventilated area.
  • Clean with a slightly wet cloth and brush,
  • expose to sunlight till it dry.
  • Keep away from fire and moisture
  •  If your product was received in an uneven
  • shape due to folding, then just press on
  • the uneven surface to regain its shape

Your Handy Companion

So portable and lightweight, it makes you want to take it along everywhere!

Your Handy Companion

So portable and lightweight, it makes you want to take it along everywhere!

Your Handy Companion

So portable and lightweight, it makes you want to take it along everywhere!



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